Environmental Responsibility

In pursuance of the objectives of development of RPM Group in environmental safety, it is important to note that enterprises designed, approved in accordance with established procedure and enforced regulations for prevention of the negative impact on the environment: emission of pollutants into the air, discharges to wastewater, soil contamination, handling hazardous waste material.

Developed guidelines strictly comply with the provisions of the Federal Law No.7-FLdated 10.01.2002 «On Environmental Protection» and the regional legislative acts of the subjects of the Federation.

The introduction of unique modern technologies in various fields of activity of RPM Group allows minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Compliance with standards contributes to ensure strictly the safety of working conditions of employees of RPM Group and ensures environmental safety of residents of the surrounding areas. Enterprises promptly and in full perform payment of state duties and payments to the budgets for the possible impact on the environment.

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