September 1, 1995 by the decision of the Ministry of Railways Tovarkovsk plant was purchased and became part of the Kaluga track machinery and repair plant as an affiliate. Before this Tovarkovsk plant was a bankrupt. But the leaders of the main and Tovarkovsk plants managed to gather experts to revive manufacturing and master the production of hydro tool, hydraulic cylinders, track lubricants and then such technologically complicated machines as power wrenches and complex for straightening and grinding of rails.


In search of modern technology the companies establish cooperation with the world leaders of track engineering, entering a new stage of development — the cooperative production of high tech resource efficient machines. In 1997, the leadership of the Ministry of Railways signed a cooperation agreement with Plasser & Theurer company (Austria), and the Kaluga Plant Remputmash produced machines for deep ballast cutting АХМ-801 in cooperation with it. The same year by the instructive regulation of the Russian Ministry of Railways the Kaluga track machinery and repair plant is converted into State Unitary Enterprise of Kaluga Plant Remputmash and became the main plant of the association, which consisted of ten machinery and repair plants. Geographically scattered from Kaliningrad to Yekaterinburg, different in size of employees and technical equipment, the plants were united by one goal — the creation and repair of high efficiency track equipment and components for it. So the powerful company with great potential was created.


Enterprises continue to search for new and unique energy saving technologies. In 1998 the Ministry of Railways and the plant Remputmash launched cooperation with Speno (Switzerland) — the world’s leader in rail grinding. Partners joined efforts, and soon the first rail-grinding train РШП-48 arrived at the West-Siberian railroad.


In 1999 high efficiency liner-tamper machines produced by Remputmash in cooperation with Plasser & Theurer became available in the track facilities. Today Duomatics and Unimats run stably at all railways of the country and have an excellent reputation. Under the program of import substitution, the construction department of Remputmash designed and produced machines МОБ-1Г and КОМ-300 without imported components. The first national rail-grinding train РШП ?12С for Sakhalin Railways was designed and manufactured. Such ideology was supported by customers — Remputmash won a tender for the supply of track machines to Ukraine and now КОМ-300 and РШП-48К operate on the railroads of the neighboring republic.


The first flattening, tamping and leveling machine for turnout switches Unimat08-275 was produced in cooperation with Plasser & Theurer (Austria). The machine was awarded the 1st level Certificate at the exhibition «Track machines — 2000»


The Ministry of Railways purchased Lyudinovo engineering plant, which became part of the SUE Kaluga Plant Remputmash. At that time Lyudinovo plant was a bankrupt, was managed by the bankruptcy trustee and had practically idle production. After a major renovation and generous investments, Lyudinovo plant successfully resumed operations, developed a production of hopper-batchers, repair and manufacture of car retarders. Metallurgical production was restored.


With the participation of experts of Remputmash group highly productive machines for ballast cleaning ЩОМ-1200 and СЧ-1200 were designed and manufactured.



In 2003 SUE Kaluga Plant Remputmash was transformed into a branch of Russian Railways OJSC. In May the decision was made to reorganize the branch into the subsidiary of Russian Railways OJSC.
The plant developed and successfully implemented and certified quality management system. Certificate was issued by DIN VSB ZERT (Germany).
This year Kaluga Plant Remputmash OJSC introduced new models of track equipment at the annually held exhibition «Track machines» in Kaluga (13th in a row): — flattening, tamping and leveling machine of continuous operation with integrated track consolidating machine Dynamic-tamping express 09-3X designed for: complex flattening in the longitudinal profile in the level and lined up; ballast consolidation under the sleepers and at the ends of sleepers, railway track dynamic consolidation without affecting its longitudinal profile and line.
Kaluga plant introduced flattening, tamping and leveling machine ПМА-1 «Ariadne», designed for complex flattening in the longitudinal profile in the level and lined up with 3-point lifting of the track; ballast consolidation under the sleepers and at the ends of railway sleepers with all types of fasteners during current maintenance and repair of the track, the construction of new and reconstruction of the old lines.
Motor rail car АКС-01 designed for maintenance and repair of catenary systems and overhead lines on electrified railways was also presented. In addition, the plant has developed and put into production a track universal self-propelled railway inspection car for transportation of track crews of 24 people, equipped with everything necessary for the track maintenance works: a full set of track tools, an entirely new hydraulic crane with set of interchangeable attachments, trailing tamping machine equipped with mechanism for lining of slopes and bins for ballast aggregate. This railway inspection car will be used for rapid track repair in local areas. The need of Russian Railways OJSC in the above mentioned new equipment is very large in relation to the need for increasing the speed of transportation and the speed of track repair and its quality.
Management of the Track Department of Russian Railways OJSC set a task for the Moscow railway and Remputmash to create a polygon for a full test, debug of the machinery and crew training. Thanks to the Moscow Railway the former freight tracks of station Kaluga-1, which were practically not used, have been updated in the shortest terms, and testing ground was built: three sections of railway track of 800 meters each.


Open Joint Stock Company Kaluga Plant Remputmash was created by the establishment again in accordance with the agreement No. 1 dated 24.08.2005, concluded between Russian Railways OJSC and ANCO Zheldorreforma. Share fraction held by the Russian Railways OJSC in the authorized capital of the Company is 100% minus one share.


Kaluga Plant became the managing company in formed group of companies Remputmash, which includes 9 companies.


The exhibition «Track machines — 2007» presented a radically new railway equipment — automatic tamper for turnout switches ПМА-С, motor rail car АКС-01 for energy facilities of railways, as well as tamping express Dynamic 09-3x co-produced with Plasser & Theurer (Austria)


For the first time in the enterprise history the international infrastructure exhibition «Transport infrastructure and track machines» was held, where all special vehicles for maintenance of railway tracks were presented — from machines for track facilities maintenance to energy facilities and technologies.
The unique design of Kaluga engineers — a service motor rail car АС-01 designed for transportation of 48 professionals-repairmen and greatly expanded set of tools to the site of railway track repair, has been awarded the 1st level Certificate of the Russian Railways OJSC.
During the exhibition the leadership of the group of the companies signed an agreement on cooperation with Geismar company (France) for the production of small tools and equipment and with MFL company (Austria) for the production of a fundamentally new type of equipment — rail-milling train РФП-01.


The group of companies Remputmash within the order of the Russian Railways OJSC began supplying equipment for the railway construction in Libya. To do this, designers of Kaluga plant designed and built a traction unit 2УТМ-4Л designed for operation in tropical conditions and on track 1435 mm wide.


Companies of Remputmash Group present two unique designs at the second international exhibition «Transport infrastructure and track machines — 2010».
One of the main novelties of this exhibition is a rail-milling train РФП-1, designed by Remputmash in cooperation with the Austrian company Mashinenfabrik Liezen (MFL). The first sample is produced for the needs of Russian Railways OJSC.
According to experts, РФП-1 is the most powerful to date rail-milling train in the world.
The second unique design is a suction cleansing machine МВУ-18000 produced in collaboration with engineers of OJSC Kalugaputmash in cooperation with the Swedish company Disab.
Machines received high evaluation of the management of Russian Railways OJSC


Designers of Kaluga Plant Remputmash OJSC have modernized ballast cleaning machine ЩОМ-1200 and flattening, tamping and leveling machine ПМА-1. There are no analogies in the world for a number of node points, developed by designers of the Group.
2011 marked the beginning of implementation of the program on creation of repair and service centers and service organizations for track equipment within which service centers were opened in Kochetovka (South Eastern Railway) and Slyudyanka (East-Siberian Railway).
Re-branding of the company has begun. And on the III International Railway Salon «EXPO 1520» held in Shcherbinka (Moscow reg.) in September 2011, the company has appeared in a new image — RPM Group, with new positioning as a strategic partner of Russian Railways OJSC, the player of the global market and manufacturer of unique «Russian» machines.
In November 2011 as part of II Railway Congress the results of the contest «The best quality of the rolling stock and the complex technical systems» were summed up. The RPM Group’s products were twice awarded as the best in the category «Quality of infrastructure». Modernized ballast cleaning complex ЩОМ-1200М was awarded the first place, and a dynamic track consolidating machine ДСП-С manufactured by Sverdlovsk track machinery and repair plant Remputmash won the third place in the same category.


In January 2012, the Board of Directors of Kaluga Plant Remputmash OJSC approved a new brand and corporate identity. Thus, a new but well-known to railway workers company officially appeared on the economic map of the railway industry — RPM Group, preserving and developing the manufacturing and design potential of Remputmash companies. New brand and company logo were approved by Russian Railways OJSC.
April 20, 2012 a tripartite agreement defining the strategy of development of track engineering in Russia over the next five years was signed. The contract for the supply of railway equipment in 2012-2016 allows organizing a long-term cooperation in the production and supply of railway equipment for the Russian Railways.
RPM Group undertakes the task to deliver a wide range of modern track equipment designed for any works on construction, major repairs and routine maintenance of railway track. This is more than 3.3 thousand units of equipment, 36 denominations of high efficient track machines that can ensure the safety of railway transportation.
The list includes such familiar to railway workers and proven multifunctional railway equipment as ballast cleaning machine ЩОМ-1200М, flattening, tamping and leveling machine ПМА-1М and ПМА-С, and the new developments of the Group: ballast distributor and leveling machine РПБ-01, suction cleansing machine МВУ-18000. There are plans to supply new equipment, the work on which is close to completion, or just being conducted by designers of RPM: an innovative snow cleaning train ПСС-К and train for rail transportation, and a combine-mounted backhoe loader designed in cooperation with the French company Geismar. A significant part of the supplied equipment will make machines produced by RPM Group in cooperation with Plasser & Theurer: Dynamic 09-3, PUMA-2000, RM-95RF, Unimat 4S and Unimat 4S Dynamic.
The amount of the contract exceeds 88 billion roubles.

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