Technological novelties/discussions

As part of the investment program of RPM Group the reorganization of engineering process has started: specialized stations are being created, material flows are being optimized.

At Kaluga site a station is being formed to manufacture wheels and bogies for the whole Group of companies, a high tech gear processing station is being formed as well.

Frame and frame construction station, where modern metal-working machinery is concentrated, is being formed.

A station which specializes in cabin manufacturing is being formed separately. The new organization of work is achieved by modern part-processing centers and infrastructure. At the same time, several new projects, which are new to RPM Group, aimed both at today’s development and long-term perspective, are being implemented.

First and foremost, it means realization of the «Testing area» project. This will allow significantly speed up set-up and start-up activities, and also organize accreditation and other kinds of testing.

The construction of the testing area will allow conducting checks during the operation of different machines, updated and repair units of the track machines, designed both for the domestic market and for export.

Deadline for implementing the project at full capacity is September, 2012

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