10 september 2012

RPM Group vehicles have shown their working capacities at the anniversary celebration of the Russian Railways

Celebrations dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the Russian Railways lasted from September 7 to September 9 in Shcherbinka microdistrict (Moscow) on the basis of the experimental rail ring of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport. Dynamic demonstration of maintenance vehicles became the brightest part of the event.

The celebrations began with opening of the monument devoted to the history of national transport mechanical engineering. Steam locomotive of L series, which symbolizes the rich heritage of railway engineering has been erected to the pedestal.

«The steam locomotive has been considered as the main workforce of the Russian railway for a long time, and there will appear tens of gas turbine locomotives on the railway system in the near future. Innovations are impossible without knowledge of the history, technical culture, and experience of the previous generations. The highest level our engineers possess today should be preserved and maintained. Retrospective researches are the way to the future,» Vladimir Yakunin declared.

Dynamic presentation of railway technics has been organized within the framework of the solemn event. Officials and visitors of the exhibition could dynamically keep watch over the work of both historical, and the modern traction electrical equipment used on the railway system of Russia. The exhibition involved more than 30 types of vehicles, from ancient steam locomotives to modern vehicles of railway track services.

Among vehicles, which embody up-to-date advanced technologies, models produced by the Kaluga Plant of the RPM group have been presented to the visitors of the celebration. In particular, it is referred to KGT/V selective-travel excavating machine, release of which has been started at Lyudinovsky branch of the Kaluga Plant in partnership with Geismar French Company.

At the same time, the organizers provided the visitors of the celebration with a chance to see working capacities of track-laying complex on the basis of UK 25/25 (УК 25/25) crane, by means of which replacement of the railway sector has been demonstrated specially for the spectators.

It should be recalled that both vehicles presented for the spectators at the exhibition, were included into the five years’ program of renovation and modernization of the maintenance vehicles of the Russian Railways, being realized by the RPM Group.

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