03 may 2012

«I believe we will succeed»

Russian public perceives the rebranding primarily as a tool to change the visual appearance. But what does this process mean for the current management of the company? How important in the current situation is to conduct such a significant change in positioning and build a new, comprehensive ideology of the brand? What actions will be taken for this? We asked to tell about this the Director General of RPM Group Evgeny YAKOVLEV.

— Evgeny Kirillovich, a modern, dynamically developing company needs to set clear objectives, define its MISSION in the general system of industry and business. What do you see as a new target of RPM Group?

— Remputmash history is the way from the formation of small repair shops for machines to the reformation (especially actively under the directorship of V.A. Dubrovin) into an assembly, and now — into full engineering enterprise. Our mission is to complete this transformation and to show the world the PRM Group as one of the technological leaders of the world track engineering.
To turn a Group of companies diverse by history, its composition, functionality, into a single body, to convert into a single structure, which is able to solve common, the most difficult tasks, complementing each other and giving rise to a stronger together than just arithmetic addition of capacities of production facilities.

— Is this the aim of rebranding?

— The main goal is gaining confidence and belief in the success of our company, and the ability to transfer our confidence to the so-called «target audience»: our customers, partners, shareholders and our employees. We believe that it is necessary not only to us — RPM Group staff, but also to our strategic partner Russian Railways OJSC. It is important to remember and to know that with our work we help develop and strengthen our country.

— How is now the image of the Group seen? And what would you like it to be?

— For various reasons, in recent years the reputation of enterprises of Remputmash for managers and employees of Russian Railways OJSC and other customers was not brilliant. There was mutual mistrust concerning the quality of equipment, deadlines and other aspects. A key element of the new brand is the reclassification of our relationship. Our main customer and client is Russian Railways OJSC. PRM Group for many years, decades has been performing certain work for the Russian railways. However, our relationship is built in the traditional paradigm of subordination and dependence.
It is important to move from this model to the principles of partnership. We see ourselves as a strategic partner of Russian Railways OJSC. Such a transition takes time. It is a very serious and important work that is being done and becomes visible by improving the quality of our machines, response to the claims of our partner, wishes of our partner. This is thanks to the new design ideas that accurately solve the technological problems of our customers. The platform of the brand says that each of our production vehicles must be better than the previous one, and we must anticipate the needs of our client. This should be an axiom for each of us.
We will gain a sense of respect to us and will strengthen it every year, thanks to the consistent and quality work and confident positioning. For this purpose we have clear positions, goal available to understanding and achievable in terms of the business.
We have announced the new brand, established it in Russian Railways OJSC, changed the logo on the letterhead, issued brochures, movies, gifts and continue working. These are external attributes. Now we plan for the near future to start work, which is called: a new brand communications system with internal and external environment.
At the final meeting of the Board of Russian Railways OJSC in December 2011, I gave an example of an image of the «ugly duckling», which all feel sorry for and who needs help all the time. However, the intended strategy will enable us to make a miraculous metamorphosis of turning it into a beautiful swan, to which our re-branding will contribute. For this we seek to explain:
— what our mission is: why we live and act as RPM Group;
— what a beautiful swan RPM Group can become after next five years — from 2012 to 2016, and what is to be done for this
— what values we have and what we will keep and increase.
This is a rather long and continuous process of work. Every day, every week, every month, we follow our ideal image.

— But you’re now talking about how RPM Group should be perceived by the main customer — the railway engineers. And the society? How should they understand the new image of the enterprise?

— In the society only specialists know that the world of track machines is complex and dynamic. That there is such an important and responsible profession — «track engineer». These are people who need our machines to support the railway in a safe operating condition. Everyone knows that passenger and freight trains go by rail. But what is done to the rails and rail tracks, no one thinks!
I really like our new logo. It emphasizes that we are just at the turn of the wheel and rail: by the track strength we provide wheel resistance. The quality of the track depends on several elements: gravel, ties, fasteners, rails. This is what our machines put in place so that the track is flat, smooth and durable.
As an example of a very accurate perception of goal rebranding I would like to quote my deputy Alexander Perov, «When any of us can proudly say to the colleagues, classmates, friends, „I work in RPM Group“, and all of them will nod their heads in admiration — then it would be a great result of the work we have started.»
In the near future we will have a strategic session for managers of PRM Group, where we will explain and discuss the development strategy adopted by the Group. It is important that each of us is equally aware what we need to do in the next 5 years. Clarity of purpose and mutual understanding — this is the foundation of our brand.
Discussing, defining and adopting a strategy, we thus strengthen our brand within our team. Because the feeling of a new company being born, that it has a compelling, clear, ambitious, albeit with difficulty, but workable strategy — this understanding unites and makes us stronger.
We are beginning to broadcast our brand platform within the team and in the environment in order to achieve mutual understanding, agreement on its basic positions.
I take everything I said above as a personal responsibility. For Remputmash really to become RPM Group, we need a significant and qualitative breakthrough. And to ensure it is our common task.
We will do it. A beautiful swan of the world track machine manufacturing is getting ready to fly. I believe in it!

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