• АС-1


Motor Rail Car «АС-01» is intended to get to a place enlarged maintenance crews and to secure technology of zonal track repair, as well as to carry out inspection trips.

Technical Specifications

Power plant: Model of Diesel driven generating set (DDGS): C550D5 (QSX15G8)
Motor Rail Car travelling speed in travelling mode, km/h:
- Design speed (to make calculations of mechanical portion): 130
Gradeability limit, %: 40
Machine retention at an incline, %: 40
Maximum weight of fully kitted Motor Rail Car, t: 74
Minimum radius of runs through a curve, m: 80
Limiting dimensions as per GOST 9238: 1-Т
Height from the rail head top level (RHTL) (according to field weakening (FW) resistors), mm: 5040±10
Width at protruding parts, mm. 3250±10
Length over coupler pulling faces, mm. 21850
Operating personnel (crew), persons: 2
Passenger-carrying capacity, persons: 48 мест