Regulatory policy of RPM Group

Regulatory framework of the Strategy of technical regulation of RPM Group is the Federal Law No.184-FL«On Technical Regulation» passed in 2002.

It is applied in the development, adoption, application and enforcement of mandatory requirements for products, including buildings and facilities (hereinafter — the products), or to the products and design process (including research), manufacturing, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, storage, transportation, sale and disposal related to requirements for products.

The Federal Law «On Technical Regulation» provides several forms of participation in the formulation of regulatory policy of the company:

  • development of technical regulations;
  • participation in public discussion of draft technical regulations;
  • participation in the work of expert commissions on technical regulation, created by the federal executive body on technical regulation in accordance with the Regulation on the establishment and functioning of expert commissions on technical regulation, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The law entitles RPM Group to participate in all phases of the development of technical regulations affecting the Company’s operations, subject to undeniable importance and significance of the impact of their implementation and use. Active participation will allow preparing Group entities for innovations of technical regulation in advance.

The most appropriate forms of participation of RPM Group in regulatory activities are:

  • assignment of the RPM Group to the working groups set up for the development of technical regulations;
  • establishment of working groups on the basis of structural subdivisions of RPM Group for independent development of technical regulations prioritized for RPM Group;
  • assignment of specialists of RPM Group to expert commissions on technical regulation.

RPM Group interacts with Russian Railways OJSC and federal executive authorities on improvement of legislation in the field of technical regulation.

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