Mission. Vision. Values 


Safe and adaptable to streamlined production way is the basis and foundation of the global transportation system.

  1. Over the next three years RPM Group will revive as an absolute leader in the «1520 space» in the field of design and manufacture of advanced machines for the basic needs of the current maintenance, repair and modernization of railway. PRM Group will also be included in the top three global producers of track machines and technologies, will be a significant player in the markets of a number of countries implementing the program for the comprehensive modernization of the transport infrastructure.
  2. RPM Group will implement a comprehensive modernization of its productive assets and in five years will be a modern, technologically efficient and well-managed corporation.
  3. RPM group will create a network of repair and service centers throughout the network of Russian Railways OJSC, as well as in countries of its considerable commercial presence; will confirm and strengthen its leadership positions in the field of overhaul, upgrade and service support, and — in the future — exploitation of high-tech track machines.
  4. In the next1.5-2years the controlling stake of the Group will be acquired by a strategic investor, which will fully implement its strategic ambitions. Annual sales of RPM Group for2012-2016will be at least U.S. $1 billion. At least 25% of sales will be sold outside of Russian Railways OJSC. RPM Group will become financially stable and highly profitable business that can operate independently and effectively in the capital market.
  5. Working personnel of RPM Group will make a well-consolidated union of motivated to be effective managers, engineers, designers and highly qualified production personnel that can solve effectively any managerial, technical and production problems.


RPM Group is the leading Russian manufacturer of track machines and technology; we work to ensure that our strategic partner — Russian Railways OJSC — integrated economic space of Russia safely and successfully into the global system of movement of people, goods and technology.

We are becoming a major player of the global market by offering our customers efficient and reliable technical and technological solutions.

We manufacture and service «Russian» track machines created on the basis of advanced engineering design, as appropriate building up industrial cooperation with world leaders in track engineering.


  1. Accumulated experience, knowledge of technologies and reserved positioning of a manufacturer of major railway equipment.
  2. Deep understanding of the technology on the track specific to different customers and different countries. The ability to conduct a dialogue with the customer in the «same language», taking into account and sometimes anticipating their actual needs in the development of machines and providing technology services.
  3. Ongoing commitment to ensure high reliability, efficiency and ease-of-use and current maintenance of our equipment. Each new machine produced might be a little bit better than the previous.
  4. Wide geographical coverage of the Russian Railways OJSC network and of countries of high commercial presence, geographically and functionally balanced allocation of production facilities for the performance of our business and our customers’ convenience.
  5. Caring for employees of the Group, careful and responsible attitude to personnel of any management level.
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