Business partners

International competition in the industry is concentrated in the area of technology. RPM Group actively cooperates with the leading global manufacturers such as Plasser&Theurer, Geismar, Linsinger, Compel, Tatrawagonka. In addition to technology cooperation, partnership with such companies provides additional resources for the development of equipment sales and market segments development.

With increasing reliability and performance of equipment, RPM Group aims to preserve simplicity in the organization of management systems and high maintainability of equipment in the field, which is especially important when selling equipment in emerging markets, which are the main market for the equipment of RPM Group.

Another key objective of RPM Group is the consideration of regional requirements for equipment maintenance and requirements of the operating firm. Availability of the Engineering Center provides ample opportunities to adapt existing technology and reduce the time to create new machines. RPM Group is actively developing cooperation with the leading manufacturers (Plasser&Theurer, Linsinger, Geismar, Tatravagonka, Compel) and Russian companies (Tulazheldormash CJSC, May 1 Kirov Plant OJSC and V.V. Vorovsky Tikhoretsk Machine Building Plant OJSC), expanding its product line and modernizing machinery.

Together with the leading transport research institutes All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport, All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Hygiene and Design Engineering Department new technologies of operation for track machines are developed and introduced.

RPM Group is a major supplier of track machinery for the Russian Railways. Partnership with the leading construction companies (Zarubezhstroytechnology OJSC, RZhDstroy OJSC, Speed Rail Lines OJSC) develops supply volumes and contributes to the development of new competencies of RPM Group in Russia and abroad.

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