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The RPM Group has carried out considerable work on modernization of the existing track maintenance machinery. The changes have affected the following two machines being in the most demand among the railway maintenance enterprises.

Practically all assemblies and mechanisms of this new machine are modernized. And most of all it applied to the cleaning device. There is installed a «rattler» manufactured by the Haver&Boеcker Company, which demonstrates high efficiency of cleaning. The ballast rake of machine «ЩОМ» is modernized. Performance data of the machine are considerably improved as a result of application of new engineering solutions. There are no analogues in the world and in Russia with respect to its working capacity and performance capabilities.

Capacity of the ballast aggregate storage hopper is increased, and this fact provides the machine with an opportunity to secure safety of operation and condition of the railway track geometry. Electronic equipment of the ballast-cleaning complex is also characterized by many innovations. The machine is equipped with Distributed Control System «Compass-4.6», which provides an opportunity to distribute the electronic system elements more evenly, to achieve reduction of number of electric connections, to increase reliability and to achieve a new level of unification of the electronic components.

Nowadays a new design of sending unit of the tamping-and-leveling device (hereinafter referred to as the TLD) breaking away is developed. These sending units provide an opportunity to realize new algorithms of the tamping-and-leveling device control and to exclude its breaking away while passing covering plates. At the same time there is implemented a system to control clear space between tracks, operating on the basis of a laser range-finder, interconnected with a video camera and electric drive.

In the course of examination of the new machine at the RPM Group Kaluga Plant, Mr. V. Vorobyev, vice-president of the Russian Railways OJSC, has emphasized that «ЩОМ-1200М» is in fact a unique complex, capable to perform work under extreme weather conditions up to ?20 °С, which no one similar machine can do at the present time. According to Vladimir Borisovich, our Russian «ЩОМ» is every bit as good as that of the machinery of the Plasser&Theurer Company with respect to many technical parameters, and sometimes it even outrivals it.

At the present time this is one of the best machines in its class. And executive management of the Russian Railways OJSC is ready to make use of it. In such a way, the plant faces a strategic objective to supply to the railways of Russia 12 new machines within the coming five years. The objective is anything but simple one, but the railway maintenance specialists are sure to cope with it!


Modernized Flattering, Tamping and Leveling Machine «ПМА-1» has been subjected to changes for increasing reliability of its systems: additional sending units of the TLD breaking away were introduced, and fuel consumption managing system along with the new-standard sensors of availability of cross-sleepers were additionally installed. The previously applied sensors of availability of cross-sleepers had been characterized by low-level speed of response and had not allowed the machine achieving the maximum speed of tamping. The new sensors are saved from this disadvantage, providing thereby output capacity of up to 2500 cross-sleepers per hour.

«ПМА-1М» is equipped with diesel engine of the Cummins Company. The machine is provided with hydraulic-mechanical transmission «ГМП-500» of new design.

There is implemented a new system of active fire-fighting. A fuel consumption managing system is being implemented. A station of emergency bringing operating devices into transport position is being installed.

Machine «ПМА-1» is used in the course of running-shed maintenance and can be applied at the railway track repairing after the ballast-cleaning machines. «ПМА-1» provides for track raising value of up to 150 mm and shifting value of up to 100 mm, which considerably outrivals values of the competitors. Prior to the overall repair, the tamping unit of the RPM Group design can perform maintenance of up to 450 km under normal conditions of operation.


Rail-Milling Train «РФП-1» is a unique development of the RPM Group in cooperation with the Austrian company MFL.

The train consists of three sections, coupled between each other by means of slack-free hinge-type couplers. The tractive and electricity-generating section («ТЭС») provides for electric power supply to the whole train, as well as its delivery to the work area with a speed of up to 100 km/h. The train distinctive feature consists in the fact that it is provided with a measuring system integrated into the train travelling control system. Prior to the milling process, there takes place recording of profiles of two rails before the milling by the first measuring buggy; after that the milling process itself is being executed; and the second buggy fixes finished profile of the two rails. These parameters are transferred to the operator’s monitor, where the obtained profile of the rails is being compared with the preset one.

The principal advantages of «РФП-1» with respect to milling are as follows:

  • Large removal of metal from each rail: two finished rails will be obtained per one pass;
  • High accuracy of transverse and longitudinal profile of the rail head;
  • Exclusion of spark formation and dust formation, which maintains the environment ecologically clean;
  • Higher resistance of milling cutters;
  • Reduction of the re-kitting time.

The mentioned advantages of the milling process result in increase of demand of the customers for such machinery, and its effective operation allows reducing the cost and time limits of rail repairing, as well as reducing the train cost payback period. In such a way, «РФП-1» represents the first and the most modern rail processing train on the railway tracks of Russia.

Considerable advantage of the train consists in the fact that the first milling section is equipped with a utility module. It provides an opportunity to cart two working teams simultaneously and to work on a rotational basis without returning back to the base facilities. The train is also provided with a workshop equipped with racks for storage of milling cutter cartridges, and with workbenches for installation of hard-alloy cutting plates into these cartridges.

The Russian Railways OJSC is interested in production of such trains, which is confirmed by volumes of orders for this machinery for needs of the railway tracks of Russia.

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